mod podge & magnets to the rescue

I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut the past few days. I worked on some spring cleaning, but I’m pretty convinced it won’t be finished until summer. Yesterday morning I felt like I was going to go crazy if I didn’t do some kind if craft or decor type project. I needed something quick and easy, since we had a full schedule in the afternoon. As I was drinking my morning coffee and staring at the fridge, it hit me. Magnets! I had been saving all those little magnets that come on mailers, phone books and pizza boxes and was never sure what to do with them. I decided to dress them up with some pretty paper and Mod Podge. I went to my nearly overflowing craft closet and searched for some scrapbook or wrapping paper when last years Snow & Graham calendar fell on me. (Seriously it’s overflowing that much.. Don’t judge me. It’s all part of my evil plan..) I had been keeping the calendar for some project or another and as I glanced at the art I knew it was perfect. Particularly the back page where the preview of all the months is. I could cut off the month and use the design, it’s little and perfect for this.

It was easy. I just cut out what I liked, stuck it on to a magnet cut to fit and then when dry I coated the paper with two more layers of Mod Podge for durability using my sponge brush.

As I was cutting out the little calendars, I realized that I should use this years calendar to make little calendar magnets. So I did just that. I cut the back page off of my Papersource calendar and started making magnets of the little, itsy bitsy calendars.

The magnets don’t go with my colorful magnet board, but they do go with my large shiny silver one that lives in the office.

This is a fun little project that is easy and pretty self-explanatory, but the point of the whole story is that if you feel like you are in a rut, just do something, no matter how trivial or dumb it may seem. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get motivated again.

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