lucky finds

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get to sneak out of the house alone and I went out treasure hunting. One of the major streets near my house has quite a few thrift shops and a couple large antique malls. Up until recently I have never been keen on antiquing, going to thrift store or flea markets. I blame my parents. My mom and step-dad would make me go antique shopping with them at least every other weekend when I was a kid. I hated it then, but of course I love it now. Dang it! They were right again! I mean how many other 32 year olds can identify Hall China Company’s Autumn Leaf design from a mile away??

On my first stop I found this mirror:

Tacky brass that kind of looks like bamboo. It is so heavy. I am going to spray paint the frame white. I think that it will look really good that way. I might put it in one of the bathrooms to spice things up in there a bit.

At my next stop was at one of the antique malls. I can spend hours looking at all the cool stuff that the dealers offer. Mr. Sparklepants and I have been looking at some industrial type tables lately. We like the modern/vintage/industrial mix.

This guy caught my eye. It’s really nothing special, just a metal table that’s slightly rusty and painted blue. I’m not too sure what I want to do with it yet. For now it’s resting in this corner:

This little area between the entryway and the kitchen needs a little love. Not sure that table is a good fit though. It might end up on the back porch.

My last stop was at the Redesign by Goodwill store, which is not your typical Goodwill. It’s a Goodwill that only sells home furnishings and decor, and often really nice stuff. It’s not unusual to find higher end cars like Lexus’ and Mercedes’ in the parking lot. I like popping in there just to see what they have, it’s always a surprise.

I found this piece of mid-century gorgeousness. It hadn’t even been priced yet, and I asked how much. The lady is like “oh $14.99.” Score!

It’s nothing super fancy, but it’ll look good at my desk. I might reupholster it at some point, but I’m digging the sea foam green naugahyde at the moment.

On one of my previous trips to that Goodwill, I found two Restoration Hardware lucite lamps.

Again, I’m not sure they go with my decor, but it was a good deal, since similar ones at Restoration Hardware run at over $200 apiece, and I got both for $26 bones. It was a good day.


calligraphic musings

I’ve been browsing Pinterest looking at all the gorgeous calligraphy samples that people have pinned. I have always enjoyed calligraphy, having taken classes as a child, in high school and then one in college at good ole Oregon.

Yep, those are a couple of my projects from high school and college, and my high school calligraphy book. Don’t laugh.

It seemed like the calligraphy back then was so structured. We learned multiple styles, but they all seem stiff compared to the modern calligraphy I see so often today. The pieces I see more and more appear very fluid, as opposed to structured.

via Perch Paper Co. on Etsy

Wouldn’t you love to receive mail like this from Perch Paper Co.? Yes, I would too.

via 1Canoe2

And look at the writing on this letterpress print from 1 Canoe 2.

via Dancing Pen Calligraphy

See the amazing writing on the Winston Churchill quote from Dancing Pen Calligraphy. I want to be able to do that.

I have the tools, I just need to practice. Ugh.

Love this..

via Kate Forrester

Truly special work from Kate Forrester.


friday favorites 3.11.11

via Calypso St. Barth

I’m sure that you are squealing with excitement that it’s the end of another crazy week! Don’t you just adore this Shag Pouf from Calypso St. Barth? I’d love to have a room filled with these.

Paint Chip Wall Art from Zipper 8 Design, spotted over at Papercrave. I’m pretty much on the fence about projects made with paint chips, but this one looks really good. You can hardly tell what is is until you look closely. I see paint chip projects all the time on blogs, and I wonder if the stores that sell paint are catching on to people taking large amounts of paint chips. Or do the people go to multiple stores, multiple times to get enough? I dunno. Anyway, this art is pretty cool and can be made in tons of different colorways.

The Spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is out and it’s dedicated to fun kids stuff! Look at that mouth-watering milkshake! Of course there’s stuff for the grownups too. The photo styling is so beautiful and the recipes look amazing.  I know I’ve mentioned how much I love all the digital magazines available. They’re free and don’t clutter up your coffee table.

via Dine and Dish

Now a milkshake for the adults.. I’m going to be cheating on my diet next Thursday with this tasty and boozy number from Dine and Dish. The Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail has St. Patrick’s Day written all over it. Found via Liqurious.

There ya have it! Stay out of trouble this weekend.

playing with sunprint paper

I’ve always wanted to play with sunprint paper, also called cyanotype paper. It looks so cool and fun and easy. Well it’s definitely that. I ordered a pack of Sun Art Paperoff of Amazon, reasonably priced, it came with 15 sheets and a clear acrylic sheet to hold your items in place.


Ages 6 and up. That’s me.

So I went shopping around my house and yard and found some fun items to make prints of. I started with some old bottles, just to see how the glass would imprint on the paper. I placed some cardboard on a tray, for easy handling and then put the paper on the cardboard, then my bottles on the paper.


I took the tray outside and placed it in direct sunlight, which we have no shortage of here.


The shadows made more of an imprint on the paper than the actual bottles did. After about 2 minutes the paper was a very light blue, I quickly took it inside and rinsed it with water. As it dried I noticed that the picture wasn’t as clear as I wanted it to be.


I read the instructions again and noted that it says to get a more intense blue, make a water bath with a couple drops of lemon juice. So I did. I make another print with some flowers and such from the yard.


I left it in the sun a little longer, around 5 minutes.


Then I rinsed it in the lemon water bath.


It ended up looking like this. I realized that I need to use the acrylic board, too much sunlight is getting under the objects. Then the prints came out much better.

Here are some of my favorites..


This one came out funny because of the shadows making the flatware seem skewed. When I when to “develop” it in the lemon water bath, I realized I had two pieces of paper stuck together. The one underneath made a very crisp print.


Now that I am more comfortable with this paper, I’d like to make some prints that are good enough to frame..maybe six or so for a gallery wall??

**This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon as a part of my affiliate program.**


friday favorites 3.4.11

Spring has sprung here in the desert. The sky is blue, the birds are singing and the weeds are popping up everywhere. Ugh. I spent a considerable amount of time pulling up those buggers yesterday and it doesn’t even look like I did anything. What a pain in the back.

Here are some of my favorite things right now:

via The Brick House

Having a 50+ year old house has some benefits and some drawbacks. In my mind one of the biggest drawbacks is a carport. Why couldn’t I have been blessed with a garage? Our kitchen window looks out past the car in the carport and straight into the neighbors kitchen window across the street. Oh look, the neighbors are washing the dishes.. you get the idea. I guess we could put up a curtain, but putting up this slat screen like they did at The Brick House would look so much cooler. I like the idea of partially enclosing the carport and still being able to see out a little.

via Alice Supply Co.

When outside, caring for your garden and such, this hose from Alice Supply Co. would make you look stylish. It also comes in neon green with stripes. Of course they have matching tools too. Heaven forbid you get caught gardening with ugly tools.

Blurry iPhone Photo Above

I love this little guy from West Elm (I couldn’t find him on their website, but there were a ton in the store). I picked him up today, since we were “in the neighborhood.” I can’t resist ceramic woodland creatures. I named him Ollie, and I think he will get along well with The Fox.

If it’s not 79° and the ground is too frozen for weeds to pop up in your neck of the woods, then I feel for you. Trust me, come July when it’s 120° here, I won’t be so chipper. Until then, let’s drink some lemonade. Vodka Rosemary Lemonade Fizz that is.

via The Bitten Word

Looks like it tastes springy!