Herringbone Vase And Planter

I have been working on Project Herringbone the past couple of days. My inspiration is this fabric design, Herringbone Pond, by Joel Dewberry. I love how the herringbone is a little uneven, and gives the piece character.

via joeldewberry.com

I started with a plain old terracotta planter, that I sprayed with a coat of white primer, then a coat of white paint. As that was drying, I used my paper cutter to cut a bunch of thin strips of sticky vinyl, about ¼ of an inch wide.

Then I started placing the the vinyl, making my herringbone pattern, on the planter. I wanted the pattern to be slightly uneven, like the fabric. Not all the vinyl strips were exactly the same size, which was good.

vinyl planter

It took some time, you know, any time I try to focus on something the Sparkletots want to see and take my supplies, they were all about the vinyl strips. Projects like these usually involve playing a game of chase. Once I was happy with my vinyl taping job, I took the planter outside for more spray paint. I chose yellow, I’m not too sure why, but at the moment it felt right. Now I wish I would have chosen something more subdued. Oh well.

I carefully removed the vinyl and sprayed a clear sealant on it. Once dry the planter got it’s very own succulent.

I did the same with a cheap stemless wine glass that was on clearance at Target.

With the glass, the painting had to be perfect and not get on the inside. So I turned it upside down, and made sure the paint didn’t get inside. A couple of fine coats was all it took. I didn’t put sealant on this one, because I wasn’t sure how it would look. I hope the paint doesn’t scratch off. Sad little flower in there. It’s all I could find.

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    I love how you created your own herringbone pattern. Both projects turned out great! Love that pop of yellow! Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!

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    Visiting from I love naptime – this is great!! Love the herringbone pattern and the color combination!! Great use of some vinyl!!

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    I love pot in yellow herringbone…I think I’d like to try it. The stemless glass is quite nice too…it looks frosted as somebody else commented.

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    Wow! I think you got it here! Yellow seems to be a kick starter for the Spring in some arenas right now, & personally, I Love that you chose Yellow! I dont think I would have been daring enough too 😉 Besides, it looks perfect with the setting youve placed it in. What helps is the size as well. If the pot was bigger, I might not. I love your blog. You have amazing projects an I find you link up in really well designed company. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration. ;D
    Jeanine recently posted..Made By Joel


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