friday favorites 6.24.11

Friday. I should be excited..but my according to my phone it’s 104° out. And climbing. Yuck. I’ll be staying inside. So I’ll be ogling at this stuff while the sun’s blazing..


via Suzyjack*

I’m loving the Ikat look more and more. I love the color and design of these desk items from Suzyjack*.


via VW

I don’t consider myself much of a car person, but when I saw this 2012 VW Beetle I pretty much fell in love. Still cute…but so much more.


via Confections of a Foodie Bride

If you make some Creamy Jalapeno Ranch salad dressing and put it on a salad like the one above I will eat the entire thing in front of you and then ask for some more. Just saying.


via Pizzazzerie

Nothing, I mean nothing says Independence Day party like a colorful cocktail rimmed with blue Pop Rocks. Yes Pop Rocks! Remember those..the favored candy of urban legends? Check out Pizzazzerie for some yummy pop rocks cocktail recipes.

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