Christmas kusudama balls

Last Christmas we lost quite a few ornaments. Beautiful, expensive ornaments. Despite putting the special ones up high, so the sparkletots couldn’t get at them, they still managed to get their little fingers on them or the ornaments “happened” to fall off the tree and hit the concrete floor. Tears were shed more than once. So for this year I am determined to make most of the tree ornaments myself. Whatever I make may not be indestructable, but they will definitely be easy to replace. I know it’s still August, but if I don’t start now, I’m afraid I’ll put it off and won’t have enough time to do all that I want. I tend to geek out over Christmas, it’s definitely my favorite time of year. Plus, I have other holidays and seasons to decorate and create for between now and Christmas, so I’ll just do a little bit at a time.

I’ve kicked off my Christmas ornament fiasco with these Kusudama Balls. I’ve seen some different versions of kusudama balls around the internet and find them so pretty. I’ve been in love with origami all my life and it’s super relaxing to fold paper squares into little objects that the sparkletots and I can play with. These flower balls are easy, but they are time consuming. Perfect for crashing in front of the tv with a movie on a rainy day.

Supplies: newspaper cut into 60 perfect squares (I used 4×4 inches and 3×3) or origami paper, glue stick, spray paint, rhinestones

To make the flower balls, follow the tutorial here at Folding Trees. It does a great job explaining how the fold them and glue them together. Once you have your ball made, take it outside and put it into a box to spray paint it. The ball will roll around a little so the box helps to keep it from rolling away. If the corners get a little bent, pinch them straight when the paint is close to dry, but still a little tacky. (You can always hide the bent corners at the back or bottom.) I like painting them rather than using colored paper because the paint adds some stiffness to make the balls more durable.

Once the paint is dry glue on the rhinestones with some craft glue.

The newsprint adds a little depth to the flowers, since you can’t spray paint completely on the inside. The smaller ones held up better to the spray painting than the big one’s, but I’m happy with both.

I’ll make a few more, then put them away until after Thanksgiving. I think they’re going to look awesome on the tree!


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    Great idea for your “kid safe” tree, Jessa! I found the tut on Folding Tree’s months ago and have slowly been working on one made with scrapbook paper. Great idea to re cycle newsprint though! and I love the rhinestones!


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