friday favorites 9.2.11

Yay! September! We are so close to being into autumn that I can taste it. Autumn is officially my favorite season of the year. Although they say spring signifies new beginnings, I have always associated new beginnings with fall. You start a new school year, and the funnest holidays start with Halloween and go until New Year’s. You can’t go wrong with fall!

via Apollinas

This birthday cake at Apollinas (found via Poppytalk) is covered in gold glitter was inspired by a pair of Miu Miu shoes. The cake was pink champagne cake layered with peach preserves and covered in vanilla buttercream frosting. Absolutely gorgeous!

via Mama Foodie

On Pinterest the other day I found this pin for Frozen Hot Chocolate, like the one from Serendipity 3. I’ve never actually had one, but I’ve wanted to and they look amazing. Mama Foodie made some and now you should too.

via Martha

I know it’s way too early for pumpkins and Halloween decor, but I love this spider squash presentation that Martha Stewart has on her site. Martha and her team can do no wrong!

via Redefine Home

I found this table runner made of fabric yo-yos, from one of my favorite stores, Redefine Home. I think I like it, but I’m not sure. I definitely like it in black better than the other colors (white or natural). Of course if you have an ounce of craftiness in your blood you can save yourself $40 -$80 and do this yourself. Don’t know how to make a yo-yo? Look here.

Stay out of trouble this weekend folks!

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