Geometric Stamped Step Stool

Our great friends at DecoArt , Princeton Brushes, and inspired by Willow Wolfe are joining with us this week to show you what you can do with stamps and acrylic paint! You’ll be amazed how these simple craft items make amazing things!

stamped foot stool

Hi there! I hope your weekend was fantastic! I wanted to share this cute little step stool I painted as part as a fun collaboration with Stampendous rubber stamps and DecoArt paint. I honestly never thought of using rubber stamps with paint as a way to decorate furniture, but it really works!


It was a super easy craft that really updated this old step stool that the girls use in the bathroom. I painted it with three coats of DecoArt’s Chalky Finish paint in Carbon. (I’m super in love with the smooth finish of the paint, and the low VOC makes it so I can paint inside the house with no problem.)


I chose the Square Illusion stamp from Stampendous, and stamped it on with the Americana Gloss Enamels in White.


The best way I found to get the paint on to the stamp was to dab it with a little round foam painter used for stencils, but a makeup sponge would work great as well.

I practiced a lot on paper, just to make sure I get the paint amount and pressure right. But I learned that stamping with paint is not an exact science and not every stamp is even. But I like it! Once it was dry I finished up with a coat of varnish. I love how it turned out!

Now for the blog hop…


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Claudia Neubacher (Vienna, Austria)

Kristine Reynolds (California, USA)

Iliane de Fockert (Elly) (Niedersachsen, Germany)

Julia Stratford-Wright (near London, UK)

Julie Robertson (UK)

Asia King (Oxford, England)

Jessa Plant (Arizona, USA)

Kathi Rerek (New Jersey, USA)

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  1. barb macaskill says

    LOVELOVELOVE this! So easy yet it makes a huge difference! I have a similar stool and am going to be trying this out! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. barbara lassiter says

    That’s a great way to revitalize a worn piece of furniture or a frame. Thanks for the idea. The stool turned out great and I know that I could find some projects around here that would benefit from this technique!

  3. says

    Jessa, this is so cool! Absolutely adore what you’ve done with this darling foot stool! The upgrade is striking! What a wonderful piece this will be to use in any room in your home! Thanks so much for playing with our products this week, we’re really glad you joined us!
    Stampendous recently posted..Stack Art Royal Heart by Cyndi Bundy

  4. Carol B says

    Beautiful projects! I love seeing all the different ways to use all these fabulous products.

    Carol B

  5. marylouh says

    Never thought about using a stamp to decorate a home decor piece – but it makes great sense.
    The footstool books great. I’m going to try that on some odd pieces I have.
    ]the blue hydrangea is beautiful. I love that flower anyway and it looks great on this project.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Judy B says

    Adorable little stool. I love how you used that abstract stamp for the pattern. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Sheryll Bentley says

    I have this same stool! Now I know what I need to do with it! Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

    • jessa says

      JoAnn- I’m sure you could do it on plastic, but first you’d have to prime the plastic so that the paint will stick to it. I would take sandpaper and really scuff up the plastic and then take a spray primer and coat it really well. Maybe ask at your local hardware store, there are so many products out there now to help get paint stick to plastic. Let me know if you do this and how it turns out, I’m really curious! Good luck!


  8. Suzi Metcalfe says

    Would never have thought to stamp on a stool, and I have one that’s unfinished! Hmmmm. . . .

  9. Brandi (@Fitzysmom) says

    I love how you took this simple stool to the next level. Looking forward to trying something similar.

  10. says

    Very cute foot stool..and I just put about 3 little foot stools in a garage sale…ugh…where was this when I needed it…lol…very unique!!

  11. Gina says

    OMG, This is Amazing you’re so talented!! I wish I was as talented as you!!!! I would love to create like you!!! <3

  12. terri anderson says

    I love how each project is so different. I never thought of finishing furniture with stamps. Very cute

  13. Claire Boyd says

    Wonderful ! I am going to have a rummage in the garage for any old furniture to give it a new lease of life. Great idea, thank you. Your hydrangea card is simply superb. The blue shades are just to die for


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