friday favorites 10.14.11

Poor little’ve been so neglected lately. Sometimes real life gets in the way, you know. I’ll try to start paying you more attention. Starting now.. here are some new Friday loves.

I’m having major love attacks for hedgehogs lately..ever since I picked up this guy at the World Market..

He’s a big hit around chez Sparklepants and he likes to hang out with the other woodland creatures we have lounging around..the fox and the owl.

via Memi The Rainbow

When I saw this handcarved hedgehog holding an apple stamp from Memi the Rainbow, I squealed in delight! How cute would that be stamped on the envelopes of my bills letters to my friends? Memi the Rainbow has a fun blog and Etsy shop..check out both!

via Yummy Mummy

These shimmery chocolate leaves from Yummy Mummy are very classy looking. I can see them decorating a chocolate cake with fluffy white icing. I’d make some today if we had some cool leaves here in the desert..sigh.

via Whip UP

This clutch purse from Whip Up, looks pretty easy to make, even for the novice seamstress. I’m pretty sure the fabric used in the tutorial is one of the prettiest patterns ever. The clutch purse would be a cute way to wrap small gifts or gift cards for the upcoming holidays.

image via Ampersand Design Studio

Orla Kiely baby books? Yes please! Why? Because good design should be introduced at an early age. One is called Colours and the other Numbers. They have gorgeous, classic Orla illustrations and in amazing colors. Looks like Amazon in the US has them available for pre-order..but they won’t arrive until April 2012. Sad.


spooky bat tree

I think we are close enough to October that it’s okay to start putting up the Halloween decor! I’ve never been too into Halloween, which is weird because I heart everything else that has to do with fall. I think the pressure of coming up with a good costume idea year after year got to me. But now that I have kids Halloween is becoming fun again!


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friday favorites 9.30.11

I can’t believe September is almost over! It’s still in the high 90s low 100s here in the desert, and I’m longing for the crisp, cool, fall air. It’s crisp and cool in the I guess that will have to do.

via Organize and Decorate Everything

I really like the colors on this medallion wreath over at Organize and Decorate Everything, made by guest poster A Trip To Holland. I’ve seen ceiling medallions used more and more for non-ceiling decor. I can’t get over the colors..they kind of redefine fall and can definitely go into winter.


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burlap leaf placemats

Since the Fall Equinox has passed, we are officially in fall. Yay! Now I have absolutely no guilt decorating for fall. Our dining table needs a lot of help. It was a craigslist find, and was supposed to be temporary..that was two years ago. We just can’t seem to find the perfect one. Anyhoo, I made some cute placemats to help make the table a little more..attractive. (I think those faux gourds need some glittering!)

These placemats were a little labor intensive..lots of cutting and painting and gluing..but totally worth it.


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desperately seeking soup

I feel icky. What started out as a scratchy throat last night has turned into a full blown cold. I’m curled up on the sofa with the computer while the Sparkletots are running amok from room to room making as big of a mess that they possibly can. And I’m too miserable to care. All I want is soup. In a mug..not a bowl, so I can slurp it in my spot on the sofa. If I was smart, I would have a frozen stockpile of my favorite tomato orange soup in the freezer…but I’m not. So while I wait for Mr. Sparklepants to come home from school with some take-out soup, I’ll dream of some of these soups I’ve found via Pinterest.

Corn and Chicken Chowder via Buns In My Oven


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