Floral Imprinted Summer Coasters

Imprinted Clay Coasters


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I loved making these imprinted coasters. They are going to look great on my summer brunch picnic table. It was fun and a little messy and the kids were able to make some of their own as well.






I covered my workspace with freezer paper, shiny side up, so that the clay comes up easily. Roll out the clay to about ¼ inch (or about 6 millimeters for our metric friends) thick. Make sure it’s not too thick that it won’t dry, but not too thin that it will break. Dab your rubber stamp with paint with some sort of foam sponge or a makeup sponge. Place your stamp down on the clay and apply even pressure on the entire stamp. I found the best results were by gently rolling my rolling pin over the stamp.
Floral Imprinted Summer Coaster #DecoArt #Stampendous

Let-Me-Point-Out-The-Obvious-Tip: Wash the paint off of your rubber stamp after each use, particularly if you live in the hot desert. It dries fast and took some effort to get clean.

Imprinted Floral Summer Coasters

Cut out your coaster shapes with something round. I used the mouth of one of our drinking glasses. Then  use a butter knife to smooth the clay around the edges. Place the round shapes on a cooling rack if you have one. Another tip: Once the top of the coaster is dry, flip the coaster over so that it doesn’t start to curl on the edges and remains flat. I flipped mine 4 or 5 times during the drying process. It will probably take 24 hours to completely dry. Mine dried overnight, but remember, I live in an oven.

While it’s drying, cut your felt or cork so that it’s smaller than the coaster, and will fit nicely on the back. Once dry, gently sand the side and rough edges of the coasters so they are smooth. Paint the edges with a light coat of Champagne Gold metallic paint.

Once that is dry, paint a coat or two of satin varnish on top to seal the coaster so it can withstand a little moisture. After the top  varnish is dry varnish the bottom, and stick on the felt with the varnish.

Imprinted Floral Coaster #DecoArt #Stampendous

That’s it! You can package them up pretty for a hostess gift or customize them to the colors of your summer table. Cheers!

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Geometric Stamped Step Stool

Our great friends at DecoArt , Princeton Brushes, and inspired by Willow Wolfe are joining with us this week to show you what you can do with stamps and acrylic paint! You’ll be amazed how these simple craft items make amazing things!

stamped foot stool

Hi there! I hope your weekend was fantastic! I wanted to share this cute little step stool I painted as part as a fun collaboration with Stampendous rubber stamps and DecoArt paint. I honestly never thought of using rubber stamps with paint as a way to decorate furniture, but it really works!


It was a super easy craft that really updated this old step stool that the girls use in the bathroom. I painted it with three coats of DecoArt’s Chalky Finish paint in Carbon. (I’m super in love with the smooth finish of the paint, and the low VOC makes it so I can paint inside the house with no problem.)


I chose the Square Illusion stamp from Stampendous, and stamped it on with the Americana Gloss Enamels in White.


The best way I found to get the paint on to the stamp was to dab it with a little round foam painter used for stencils, but a makeup sponge would work great as well.

I practiced a lot on paper, just to make sure I get the paint amount and pressure right. But I learned that stamping with paint is not an exact science and not every stamp is even. But I like it! Once it was dry I finished up with a coat of varnish. I love how it turned out!

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Kathi Rerek (New Jersey, USA)

A few of the bloggers this week are new to hopping, so if you have an issue with any of the links, here’s a little tip! If you get a page that says “Sorry that Page is not here” or something similar, try clicking on the header of the blog, or look for something that says Home. The hop page should be near the top of the day’s posts. We will fix broken links as the day goes on, as well, so check back here if you are really lost.

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Vintage Bicycle Ad Image Transfer

Vintage Bicycle Ad Image Transfer I really wanted to get this project up on the blog before Father’s Day, but it just didn’t happen. Why didn’t someone tell me that summer break was going to be so busy??? Anyhow, it’s a fun and crafty gift, that’s completely customizable. I love the vintagy and distressed look of this project! Vintage Bicycle Ad Image Transfer The French bicycle ad was ordered off of Etsy. I reversed the image using PicMonkey, then had it laser printed on an 8.5 x 14 piece of paper at Staples. For the transfer to work, the image has to be printed with a laser printer. Sorry, but ink jet printers won’t work. Vintage Inspired Bicycle Image Transfer   supplies Start by “aging” the wood. I mixed some brown and gray paint in a little bowl and added a splash of water to make a stain. I used one of my foam brushes and painted it on, then immediately wiped off the paint with a wet cloth.  Let the wood dry. When the wood is dry, grab your image that was printed out in reverse, particularly if there are letters on it. I cut off the borders of the image, but you don’t have to. Using a foam brush, spread the Acrylic Gel Medium on the wood, covering the whole surface area. Additionally, cover the image with gel medium as well. Carefully place the paper, image side down, onto the wood. Smooth out the paper so that there are no bubbles and it looks even. It helps to use something like a ruler or a credit card to smooth it out. I had an area on each side that the image didn’t cover, so I put a piece of plain white copy paper to cover up the gel medium. Vintage Inspired Wooden Bicycle Transfer Let the medium dry for at least 4 hours or overnight. Once it’s dry grab a small bowl of water and a wash cloth and start rubbing off the paper. You’ll start to see the image as the paper comes off. This is definitely the messy part. Vintage bicycle image transfer Once all the paper is off, let it dry again. Then grab your sanding block and sand away! Make it look as distressed (or not) as you’d like. This is where you can sand off any areas where the gel medium looks a little wonky ;) Wipe off the dust from sanding and paint on a little satin varnish to seal it all and even out the finish. It’s that easy! You can make this with any image you’d like!

Vintage Bicycle Transfer Art
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Falling Stars Patriotic Tea Towel

Oh My Stars Patriotic Tea Towel Well hello! Are you enjoying the summer? I’m finding that summer break is just as busy as the school year, just more fun. Summer camp is getting the girls out for a few hours everyday, but I do feel like my uninterrupted crafting time is diminished. Though, I did find some time this week to make a tea towel for the kitchen to celebrate Independence Day. Remember the Falling Shamrock Tea Towel from back in March? Well this tea towel is very similar. Just the 4th of July version. I love using DecoArt Ink Effects on 100% cotton material, because it gives the design a watercolor effect. If you want bolder colors, make sure your fabric is at least 60% synthetic material. Oh My Stars Patriotic Tea Towel Supplies You’ll also need an iron. Paint a bunch of stars in various sizes, using the red and blue Ink Effects. I did a quick Google search for star outlines and traced a bunch of them. There were about 60. I am so not talented enough to freehand draw the stars. Oh My Stars Patriotic Tea Towel Let the paint dry for 45 minutes. Lay out your tea towel on top of another towel for ironing. Spray it with the base coat (if your fabric is less than 60% synthetic material) and let dry. Place your design painted side down, on the tea towel. Place a clean piece of paper on top of that. Iron on the cotton setting, with no steam, for about 3 minutes, constantly keeping the iron in motion.  Peel off the paper, and you should see your beautiful design transferred to the tea towel. Repeat process until done. I reused some of the stars I already transferred to layer a lighter transfer on top of the other ones. See photographic instructions here. Oh My Stars Patriotic Tea Towel The whole project only takes a couple of hours. So make one today! Patriotic Tea Towel xoxo   {This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small compensation to help pay for the blog.}


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Striped Planter with Liquid Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Striped Planter - www.sparklepantsgirl.com Have you ever had one of those days where you need a quick and easy project to make you feel productive? I totally needed that when I painted these pots for my succulents. I was feeling pretty lazy, the house was a mess and was anticipating a visit from a special family member (aka mom). So I painted these pots with liquid gold leaf for a dramatic flair to otherwise boring planters.



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planter Grab your planter pots, take them outside and spray paint them black (or white…or neon pink. Please do it in neon pink! And send me some pics if you do!!). Spray them evenly. See where the paint pooled on bottom of that planter above?? Right then I noticed that I was standing on the home of fire ants. Don’t do that. It hurts.

blackplanter Be sure to flip the planter over and paint the top rim.

vinylstrips Use a thinly cut strip of vinyl and wrap it around the planter, where you want your stripe to be. Repeat at the bottom of where your stripe will be. Remember, we aren’t going for perfection here.  We’re going for quick and easy.  The vinyl is just a guide for painting, so it’s okay if it isn’t perfectly straight.

vinylpla <<I just realized that you could make a decent  guide line using thick rubber bands. Next time.>>

liquidgold Make sure you’re outside for this part. The liquid gold leaf stinks. It will give you a headache if you aren’t in a well-ventilated area.

goldpaint Paint with your foam brush. The paint goes on very smoothly. Let it dry. Carefully remove the vinyl by pulling it straight up. Fill your planters with beautiful succulents.

Gold-Leafed Planters   All done. Now go clean your house.   xoxo



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Modernize a Vintage Side Table with Americana Decor Chalky Paint

Hi there! This post is sponsored by DecoArt Americana Home Decor and their new Chalky Finish Paint line. Of course all opinions are mine and only mine.


I love the look of vintage furniture updated to look modern. I personally have never painted any furniture before, I’ve always been too scared that I’m going to mess it up. Then one day while out thrifting, I came across this little beauty. It has clean lines, it’s mid-century, and for $15 I wouldn’t feel too badly if I totally messed it up. Plus it fit in my little car!


I had heard about chalky finish paint before. You don’t have to prime or sand first, it distresses easily, you can coat it with a wax or a varnish, or just leave it as is with the matte, chalk like finish. Seriously, how can you mess up? I’m pretty sure you can’t.

Americana Home Decor Chalky Paint in Everlasting
Americana Home Decor Light Satin Varnish
2 or 3 Foam Brushes


The paint went on ridiculously smoothly. I applied the first coat, let it dry for 2 hours then applied the second. I found some leftover walnut stain that I had and wiped that on the drawer, to really bring out the brightness of the white chalky paint.

The next morning I applied two coasts of the Light Satin Varnish. This stuff is amazing. It gave the piece such a smooth finish with a very minimal sheen. And it’s so soft to the touch.


Here is the finished piece! Not too shabby for my very first venture into painting furniture, right? I cannot wait to use more of the Chalky Finish Paint colors and techniques like layering and distressing.


You can find the Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint, finishing waxes, varnish, brushes and stencils! at Home Depot and Michaels.

Chalky Finish Side Table


Check out this post on the DecoArt Blog, for more Chalky Finish Paint tips.

Happy Painting!


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