friday favorites 9.30.11

I can’t believe September is almost over! It’s still in the high 90s low 100s here in the desert, and I’m longing for the crisp, cool, fall air. It’s crisp and cool in the I guess that will have to do.

via Organize and Decorate Everything

I really like the colors on this medallion wreath over at Organize and Decorate Everything, made by guest poster A Trip To Holland. I’ve seen ceiling medallions used more and more for non-ceiling decor. I can’t get over the colors..they kind of redefine fall and can definitely go into winter.


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friday favorites 9.2.11

Yay! September! We are so close to being into autumn that I can taste it. Autumn is officially my favorite season of the year. Although they say spring signifies new beginnings, I have always associated new beginnings with fall. You start a new school year, and the funnest holidays start with Halloween and go until New Year’s. You can’t go wrong with fall!

via Apollinas

This birthday cake at Apollinas (found via Poppytalk) is covered in gold glitter was inspired by a pair of Miu Miu shoes. The cake was pink champagne cake layered with peach preserves and covered in vanilla buttercream frosting. Absolutely gorgeous!… 

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friday favorites 8.12.11

Happy Friday Kids! I found some cool stuff this week..

via Paper Source

These cherry wood veneer leaf cutouts from Paper Source are so stinking cute! I can think of a million uses for them. They would be good on walls, on tables as scatter, you could use them to make some fall themed coasters. *love*… 

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friday favorites 7.8.11

I’ve been a reluctant blogger this week. Probably because it was a short week (everyone else’s weekend is my workweek and vice versa. Icky, I know.)

So I’m looking to my friends for inspiration this week, ya know, to get back into the ‘let’s create, then blog about it’ mood. Check out these projects and sites by some wonderful Arizona ladies..

via Sweet Rose Studio

I love this girly clipboard Katie over at Sweet Rose Studio made for a Handmade Gift Exchange. She gives the how-to on her blog..While your there check out her awesome photography skills!

via Coffee @ Three

How cute are these canvas letters from Lauren and Michele at Coffee @ 3? Not only are they cute, they are super easy to make! Lots of fun recipes and projects on their blog.

photo by me; yumminess from Baked By Joanna

Joanna from Made By Joanna is an amazing baker. She made the personal cakes and cupcakes for AZ Girls’ Night Out that I went to last month, and I’d be lying if I said I only had one. Seriously, I was a glutton and ate two of the Chocolate Caramel Latte Cakes, and I had no regrets. Oh and for sure check out this graduation’ll be amazed.

via Turbo Bubblegum

When your done eating your dessert first, dive into these healthy Creamy Chicken Taquitos from sweet Whitney at Turbo Bubblegum. They look so good. Whitney is probably one of the luckiest people I’ve ever met..seriously the chick wins everything. She definitely deserves it though!