Kaleidoscope Easter Eggs


Happy spring! With Easter coming up in a few weeks it’s a great time to add a little color to your decor. The color of these straws that I found at Ikea screamed spring, and were my inspiration for the colors in these Easter eggs. I really enjoy the painted geometric angles and the hints of gold on these eggs. Gold is super popular right now, but I’m ridiculously slow to embrace it and add it into my decor. Baby steps here, baby steps.


So run to the craft store and pick up a couple packages of paper maché eggs, gold spray paint, a sheet of craft vinyl and some paint.


Go outside and spray the eggs gold. I did do some white ones, but they didn’t look as great. While the golden eggs are drying, cut small strips of vinyl, like about 1/4 of an inch wide. I used a paper cutter, and the sizes of my strips varied, but they were all close to the right size.


Once the golden eggs are dry, wrap the vinyl strip on the egg. You can place it strategically or haphazard, whichever suits your fancy. Just make sure the vinyl is stuck smoothly on the egg, so you can minimize paint seepage.


I used DecoArt’s Americana paints, in Poodleskirt Pink, Peony Pink, Bahama Blue, and Lemon Yellow. I also mixed the yellow and Peony Pink to make a pretty orange. No, this post isn’t sponsored by DecoArt, I’m just a big fan of their products.


Use a quality paint brush to dab the paint on the egg, varying the colors.  Try to stay within the lines (Sometimes I still have problems doing that). I left some spots empty, so that more gold shows. Yeah, I’m daring.


Let them dry completely and apply a second coat of paint. Once your paint is dry, gently peel off the vinyl. Make sure you pull straight up, or you might take some of the color off with the vinyl. I did that and I was pretty sad about it.


That’s it! Now you just need to find a pretty way to display your Kaleidoscope Easter Eggs. Put them in a bowl on the coffee table, hanging from a little tree, or stick them on a candle stick.


Here are the white ones… Pretty, but not striking like the gold.

















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friday favorites 4.21.11

Easter Edition

Happy Easter weekend folks! Are you excited for all that is hard-boiled eggs and Peeps? I know I am!

via Scissors and Spatula

Make these cute napkin ring nests from Scissors and Spatula for your Easter dinner. Food tastes better when the napkin rings are pretty. Are you having ham? I hope so.

via Cilantropist


This quiche from Cilantropist will be perfect for Easter brunch! Isn’t the picture great? The quiche has asparagus, green onions, garlic and Humbolt Fog goat cheese. If goat cheese isn’t your thing, just substitute something yummy!

via Gimme Some Oven

Make some Peeps Pops like these at Gimme Some Oven. How cute would these be wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon and sticking out of an Easter basket? Or sticking up out of a flower bed for the tiny tots to find while on their hunt for Easter eggs!

via Coffee @ 3

If you are in need of a last minute Easter basket, go to Coffee @ 3 to get directions for a super cute paper basket using supplies you most likely have on hand!

Happy egg hunting folks!

easy easter wreath

I wish I could tell you that my house is all done up for Easter and I am ready for the good ol’ Easter bunny to come down my chimney or knocking at my door (how does he get in?) but I’m not. So in the spirit of needing an Easter decoration stat, I put together a little wreath, using mostly stuff I had on hand.

The eggs are real eggs that had given me a headache after spending an hour blowing their guts out. They were brown eggs and the easiest way I could think of to get good color was…wait for it…SPRAY PAINT! Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. I wasn’t too sure how the paint would stick, so on half of them I sprayed a coat of primer on first. The others I just painted without the primer. The paint stuck just fine, but the ones with the primer came out glossier.  Just so you know.

I had the moss sitting on my dryer forever, making a mess waiting to be used. And the wreath form kind of looked like a nest, so it worked.

Then I used my glue gun and stuck everything on. I can’t seem to not burn myself with the glue gun. Blisters on my fingertips make it hard to type.

Anyhow, the wreath was super easy to make. I’m really loving the candy-colored eggs and the bright springy moss.

P.S. Do you like my new side table? It’s on casters! You can get one here.


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