friday favorites 11.4.11


via Anthropologie

Numbers! I can think of a *number* of ways to use these vintage number rubber stamps from Anthropologie. Somebody better put them in my Christmas stocking..

via HGTV

 Two shower curtains! I wish I had thought of that a long time ago. via HGTV remodel

via Porsche

When you need to cool your champagne.. This bottle cooler from Porsche has an “original ribbed cylinder from the early air-cooled 911 models.” If you know anything about Porsches.. then you know this is cool. Spendy but cool.

via b/perrino Quilts

This quilt is so gorgeous, I can’t stop drooling. It’s a baby quilt from b/perrino quilts on Etsy. I found it via the lovely blog Saídos da Concha. The colors and the design..everything is perfect.

Happy weekend!

friday favorites 10.14.11

Poor little’ve been so neglected lately. Sometimes real life gets in the way, you know. I’ll try to start paying you more attention. Starting now.. here are some new Friday loves.

I’m having major love attacks for hedgehogs lately..ever since I picked up this guy at the World Market..

He’s a big hit around chez Sparklepants and he likes to hang out with the other woodland creatures we have lounging around..the fox and the owl.

via Memi The Rainbow

When I saw this handcarved hedgehog holding an apple stamp from Memi the Rainbow, I squealed in delight! How cute would that be stamped on the envelopes of my bills letters to my friends? Memi the Rainbow has a fun blog and Etsy shop..check out both!

via Yummy Mummy

These shimmery chocolate leaves from Yummy Mummy are very classy looking. I can see them decorating a chocolate cake with fluffy white icing. I’d make some today if we had some cool leaves here in the desert..sigh.

via Whip UP

This clutch purse from Whip Up, looks pretty easy to make, even for the novice seamstress. I’m pretty sure the fabric used in the tutorial is one of the prettiest patterns ever. The clutch purse would be a cute way to wrap small gifts or gift cards for the upcoming holidays.

image via Ampersand Design Studio

Orla Kiely baby books? Yes please! Why? Because good design should be introduced at an early age. One is called Colours and the other Numbers. They have gorgeous, classic Orla illustrations and in amazing colors. Looks like Amazon in the US has them available for pre-order..but they won’t arrive until April 2012. Sad.


framing alternatives

via Apartment Therapy

After my post about using washi tape to make my Godzilla print fit in the frame, I started thinking about other ways to “frame” pictures. I have quite a few prints that I’ve ordered off of Etsy that have “not the standard” measurements. But not everything has to be in a traditional frame, right? So I searched the internet for some alternative framing ideas….. 

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framing prints with washi tape

I bought this Godzilla print, that I mentioned here, back in March. It’s been sitting in it’s tube with a bunch of other art prints that I haven’t taken the time to find frames for yet. I really wanted to get this guy up, so I looked up the shop on Etsy and got the measurements of the print (I was too lazy to open up the tube and measure for myself) and went to the craft store to pick up a frame. I found a 16 x 12 frame in black (I wanted white) and bought it, figuring I could just paint it. Once I put the picture in I discovered that the print that I have is actually 16 x 11. What the heck??!! I go back and look at the listing…it says “approximately 16 x 12.” Lovely. So I have a ½ inch gap on each side of the print, in a frame that I can’t return because I painted it white. Since I wasn’t about to get custom framing for a $13 poster, so I had to get creative…. 

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things that make me happy

I have had a string of really good days…

For one, this little piece of awesome from Plaid Pigeon arrived in the mail today. How could you not love a plastic dinosaur with a succulent growing out of his back?

Yesterday, my Sisal Rope Table was featured on Apartment Therapy! I can’t even describe how excited I was when I found that out.

And finally, this past weekend I went to an Elmer’s Craft and Tell party at the house of Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, with a few other local bloggers. Katie is a great hostess and the tables she set up for crafting were adorable.

via Sweet Rose Studio
Elmer’s provided us with a bunch of products for each crafter to take home. There were Glue Spots, scissors, an X-acto knife, a cutting mat, gel pens, glue sticks and other cool Elmer’s products to use. I made a candy themed picture frame for the sparkletots’ room.
via Sweet Rose Studio

I started by painting an unfinished wood picture frame yellow, then I made accordion rosettes out of scrapbook paper as candy and placed Glue Spots covered in glitter in the middle. I had forgotten to get vellum, so I used waxed paper, which I folded in to an accordion and put those under the rosettes to look like candy wrappers. Then I stuck on some glittery stickers to say “sweet as candy.” Super easy.

If you want to score some Elmer’s goodies of your own head over to enter the giveaway at Sweet Rose Studio!

friday favorites 5.27.11

Yay! It’s a three-day weekend for most people! Not me, but that’s okay. Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? I’d love to live vicariously through you if you’re doing something fun!!


via The Mustard Ceiling

I’m still having a borderline obsession with stenciling fabric. Check out this DIY Ikat Stencil and fabric stenciling over at The Mustard Ceiling. I”m still warming up to ikat. One minute I like..the next minute I don’t. This is beautiful fabric, painted with the honeysuckle. The Mustard Ceiling is definitely one of my new favorite reads…. 

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