Spruce Up Your Study Space With Wallternatives Decals


We are three weeks into the school year and summer break seems like it was ages ago. I am shocked at the amount of homework that the kids need to do. I never had homework in kindergarten! It’s okay though, it keeps them busy and I know what they are doing in school.

So I decided I needed to spruce up the desk area. You know, clean it up. Make it more spiffy. Make it easier for the girls to work at. I ordered the Photo Frame WallPrints from Wallternatives. They are brightly colored and made of fabric, not vinyl, so they are repositionable and reusable! Plus they are perfect for displaying photos and artwork, then totally switching up your photos the next week. Infinite possibilities here!

You might remember that I decorated the girls’ room with Wallternatives vinyl decals a few months ago, and I am still in love with them.


I have a history of failing at gallery walls. I mess with them. I put too many holes in the walls. I crave symmetry and I just never feel like they look right. So it took a little motivation to get this project started. I unwrapped the package and cut between the frames to separate them.


I started by taping these babies to the wall. Oh look at how uneven they are. So I pulled out my long yard stick with the level. Then I remembered some wise words from the Mr. “There’s a level on your phone.” Oh yes! There is a level in my iPhone! It’s in yours too! You should use it. I did.

use the level on your iPhone

Once straight to your satisfaction, use the little Wallternatives™ Squeegee, which comes with the decal. Just smooth it across the decal.


The hardest part of using these Wallternatives Photo Frames was choosing what to put inside of them. There’s just too many possibilities!

These decals are perfect for living in the dorms or renting. Seriously, wall art with no holes in the walls!

I wish Wallternatives was around when I was in college living in the dorm and the sorority. I remember that we couldn’t nail anything into those dingy walls and it seems that all the posters out there were motivational, pictures of kittens or maybe a boy band (I may or may not have had an ‘N Sync poster, kidding.)

Check out some of these other decals from Wallternatives

Wallternatives Stars Vinyl

I’m in love with these gold Stars Vinyl Pattern Pack Minis. Like so in love that I’ve already bought them. Coming soon to a craft room near me.

Wallternatives Bee Sweet Bonnie Christine Removable Wallpaper

And if you really want to make your dorm room look dramatically different go for the Bee Sweet Bonnie Christine Removable Wallpaper.

Wallternatives Marilyn Quote

Of course you can still decorate your dorm room with motivational messages…but they are a lot cooler now.





P.S.~ The picture of the adorable pouty little girl was taken by Marci Anne Photography and the picture of the sweet family was taken by Sweet Rose Studio. Love those ladies.

P.P.S.S. Disclosure~ I was provided product for this review. All opinions are completely my own!


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friday favorites 11.4.11


via Anthropologie

Numbers! I can think of a *number* of ways to use these vintage number rubber stamps from Anthropologie. Somebody better put them in my Christmas stocking..

via HGTV

 Two shower curtains! I wish I had thought of that a long time ago. via HGTV remodel

via Porsche

When you need to cool your champagne.. This bottle cooler from Porsche has an “original ribbed cylinder from the early air-cooled 911 models.” If you know anything about Porsches.. then you know this is cool. Spendy but cool.

via b/perrino Quilts

This quilt is so gorgeous, I can’t stop drooling. It’s a baby quilt from b/perrino quilts on Etsy. I found it via the lovely blog Saídos da Concha. The colors and the design..everything is perfect.

Happy weekend!

friday favorites 10.28.11

via Unplggd

A handy little guide of when it’s okay to use CFLs and when it’s not okay. Good to know. Via Unplggd.

via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

I want to eat these Halloween Monster Cookies. Now. From The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

via Centsational Girl

These Thanksgiving dot painted plates that Centsational Girl made are gorgeous. I love the delicate designs. She used paint pens that are for porcelain. Although the painted surface is not food safe, they do make a fabulous table setting.

via Kitchen Comments

Doesn’t this Cheesy Broccoli Gratin from Kitchen Comments look tasty? I decided that I need to get more creative with my veggies and this might be a good recipe to start with.

Happy weekend!

friday favorites 10.14.11

Poor little blog..you’ve been so neglected lately. Sometimes real life gets in the way, you know. I’ll try to start paying you more attention. Starting now.. here are some new Friday loves.

I’m having major love attacks for hedgehogs lately..ever since I picked up this guy at the World Market..

He’s a big hit around chez Sparklepants and he likes to hang out with the other woodland creatures we have lounging around..the fox and the owl.

via Memi The Rainbow

When I saw this handcarved hedgehog holding an apple stamp from Memi the Rainbow, I squealed in delight! How cute would that be stamped on the envelopes of my bills letters to my friends? Memi the Rainbow has a fun blog and Etsy shop..check out both!

via Yummy Mummy

These shimmery chocolate leaves from Yummy Mummy are very classy looking. I can see them decorating a chocolate cake with fluffy white icing. I’d make some today if we had some cool leaves here in the desert..sigh.

via Whip UP

This clutch purse from Whip Up, looks pretty easy to make, even for the novice seamstress. I’m pretty sure the fabric used in the tutorial is one of the prettiest patterns ever. The clutch purse would be a cute way to wrap small gifts or gift cards for the upcoming holidays.

image via Ampersand Design Studio

Orla Kiely baby books? Yes please! Why? Because good design should be introduced at an early age. One is called Colours and the other Numbers. They have gorgeous, classic Orla illustrations and in amazing colors. Looks like Amazon in the US has them available for pre-order..but they won’t arrive until April 2012. Sad.


friday favorites 9.30.11

I can’t believe September is almost over! It’s still in the high 90s low 100s here in the desert, and I’m longing for the crisp, cool, fall air. It’s crisp and cool in the house..so I guess that will have to do.

via Organize and Decorate Everything

I really like the colors on this medallion wreath over at Organize and Decorate Everything, made by guest poster A Trip To Holland. I’ve seen ceiling medallions used more and more for non-ceiling decor. I can’t get over the colors..they kind of redefine fall and can definitely go into winter.


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