Holiday Shopping with Higgle

higgle pinHey guys! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have. It may be the first time in history that actually have gifts in hand before Thanksgiving. I feel like I have to start earlier because the time just seems to fly by. I’m afraid I’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be New Year’s Day. Yikes!

I’m such a fan of online shopping. If I can avoid having to deal with crowds, traffic, parking, spilt coffee (I always end up spilling something) then I will. Plus, if you can get free shipping, it’s actually cheaper to shop online. No spending on gas, wear and tear on your car, no stops at the coffee shops.


Well, my friends, let me introduce you to Higgle. Higgle is a name-your-own price marketplace, where shoppers can discover amazing products, name their price, get others to join in, and buy amazing stuff, all in one place. The name Higgle is a play on the word “haggle,” except you don’t have to haggle with merchants, because Higgle does it for you.

How it works –  Basically you see an item you want. The MSRP is listed and you type in a price that you would like to pay for it. It it’s too low, Higgle will tell you to be fair. If your offer is reasonable then there’s a three-day window to get others to join. Higgle will share it with other people on their site and you can share it with your social network (if you want). If enough people join, the deal is done and everyone wins. If not, everyone will get a counteroffer from the merchant and you can accept individually.

I tried it – So I tried my own Higgle. I found an item (not telling what, since the recipient is most likely reading this) and made an offer. At first I lowballed it and was told to be fair. Okay, so I put in a higher number, that was still a good price. At that point my offer was accepted, and I waited. I did not share on social networks, because the recipient would see it. A couple days later, I received an email that my offer was accepted. Yay! Did I mention that shipping is free?!



Here are a few of my favorite things from Higgle’s Holiday Gift Guide



Geoelectric Print, Happy Cloud Dress, Artichoke Dish Towels, Domingo Deluxe City BikeHerb Garden Bundle KitPost Shave Tonic, , Gisella Porcelain Vase

Cute, right?! I highly suggest checking Higgle out. And if you want an even better deal use this promo code for 10% off: 2fb339. The promo code is valid through December 10, 2014.

Check it out and then let me know what you want. Maybe I’ll just join in and Higgle with you!





This post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. So is the terrible humor. 

Black Friday Survival Kit with Shopular

Hey there! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet or are you waiting for Black Friday? Usually I’m a last minute Christmas shopper. In the past I have spent upwards of $80 shipping Christmas gifts last minute. What a waste! So this year I started early.

I have never gone out shopping on Black Friday. Word is that the deals are amazing, but the crowds are horrendous and it’s quite the battle for the best deals. Word is that you have to be pretty organized and study your ads to know when and where the best deals are. Well, I think I found a Black Friday helper…

Have you heard of the app for your phone called Shopular? It’s really awesome. Basically Shopular is an app that is like the Sunday paper in your phone. It has listings for the sales and discounts for all your favorite stores and you can organize these listings according to your favorite stores or by the malls that you shop at. Shopular is perfect for Black Friday, if you’re one of those who brave the crowd.


Shopular also allows you to access store coupons. I dread getting in line at Michaels and am trying to pull up a coupon from Michaels website on my phone, it takes so long. But via Shopular I was able to pull the coupon up quickly. It was a total timesaver! (Seriously folks, I’ve saved over $100 in the last two weeks I’ve had this app on my phone!)

Black Friday Survival Kit

Shopular was kind enough to send me a Black Friday Survival Kit, complete with everything I will need to survive the craziest shopping day of the year.


It was like Christmas…but before Christmas…for Christmas. Whatever, it was a fun surprise to get in the mail! And everything inside the box is to help me survive Black Friday.

Black Friday Essentials

1. Foot Petals-  These little babies have saved my feet one more than one occasion that required me to wear heels. The extra cushioning is going to prevent blisters and save your feet while you are dashing from store-to-store. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

2. Tote- You are going to need a foldable yet durable shopping tote to carry your goods. Shopular provided me with a great one. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

3. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm-  All that running around in the cold weather is bound to chap your gorgeous lips. Don’t let that happen! This peppermint flavored lip balm is bound to keep you in the holiday spirit. Your lips will taste like a candy cane, but softer! Oh and there’s a promo code for this vegan lip balm. Type in SHOPULAR at checkout for 20% off! Oh and while you’re there, if you want to get some to put in my Christmas stocking I won’t object. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

4. QuestBar-  Have you tried one of these things? They are delish. I know I plan on gorging myself with turkey and all the fixings on Thanksgiving, and I also plan on eating right immediately the next day. Don’t give in to mall food! The lines will be way too long and this 3 carb energy bar is going to give you more lasting energy than that nasty buttery pretzel will. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

5. Stress squeeze ball- Shopular provided me with a stress ball. I’ll need it, since I hate crowds. Or maybe I can just throw it at someone to distract them when they are trying to get the last $100 88-inch flat screen TV (my TV!) It’s soft, so it won’t really hurt them. (Disclaimer- Seriously, don’t throw your stress ball, or anything else, at someone. You’ll end up in the slammer, and then no good deals for you.)

6. Vermints- No stinky breath! If you’re like me, you probably started drinking coffee the night before to get read for the early morning Black Friday sales. Don’t let halitosis get in the way of your Christmas shopping. Vermints are organic, non-GMO, and really tasty. Eat them! Here’s a promo code: A07MGX0M1D6B. The code is for 25% off until December 31, 2014  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)

7. Simbi Haiti Hair Ties- You’re going to get to a point in the Black Friday madness that your luscious locks are going to irritate the crap out of you. This is competitive shopping friends and now it’s tie to pull your back. Let ‘em know you mean business. And Simbi supports a great cause. Each hair-bracelet sold keeps Haitians employed and helps raise money to install water filtration systems throughout the country, saving lives. A portion of the proceeds is dedicated to this cause. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

8. Cosmetic Boulevard Coffee Scrub- You made it! You’re home. The gifts are stashed in your closet (like the kids don’t know to look there!) and the adrenaline high is wearing off. Oh and you stink. It’s the perfect time for a long hot bath and to rub some coffee grounds on yourself.  Yep,  this coffee scrub specifically formulated to actively target cellulite, stretch marks, acne and eczema with caffeine from only the best Robusta beans. Blended together with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & salts. I can’t get enough coffee. (Instagram)

Shopular Dearfoam Slippers

9. Dearfoams slippers- What can I say? I haven’t taken them off since they arrived. There was no way I could wait until Black Friday to put these babies on my tired feet. Oh and they have memory foam in them. That makes them awesome. AND the sequins make them even MORE awesome. (I like sparkles.)

So after Black Friday, sip an adult beverage, put on your Dearfoams and rest your feet on a fluffy dog. You did some major shopping, congrats! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

But I won’t fault you if you still just want to take a hot bath, use that lip balm, put on those slippers and shop online. You can still use the Shopular App. You can kiss me later!

I was totally provided with free merchandise for this post, BUT all ideas and opinions are my own. And the silly little jokes, those are mine too. 


friday favorites 11.4.11


via Anthropologie

Numbers! I can think of a *number* of ways to use these vintage number rubber stamps from Anthropologie. Somebody better put them in my Christmas stocking..

via HGTV

 Two shower curtains! I wish I had thought of that a long time ago. via HGTV remodel

via Porsche

When you need to cool your champagne.. This bottle cooler from Porsche has an “original ribbed cylinder from the early air-cooled 911 models.” If you know anything about Porsches.. then you know this is cool. Spendy but cool.

via b/perrino Quilts

This quilt is so gorgeous, I can’t stop drooling. It’s a baby quilt from b/perrino quilts on Etsy. I found it via the lovely blog Saídos da Concha. The colors and the design..everything is perfect.

Happy weekend!

friday favorites 6.24.11

Friday. I should be excited..but my according to my phone it’s 104° out. And climbing. Yuck. I’ll be staying inside. So I’ll be ogling at this stuff while the sun’s blazing..


via Suzyjack*

I’m loving the Ikat look more and more. I love the color and design of these desk items from Suzyjack*…. 

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