friday favorites 11.4.11


via Anthropologie

Numbers! I can think of a *number* of ways to use these vintage number rubber stamps from Anthropologie. Somebody better put them in my Christmas stocking..

via HGTV

 Two shower curtains! I wish I had thought of that a long time ago. via HGTV remodel

via Porsche

When you need to cool your champagne.. This bottle cooler from Porsche has an “original ribbed cylinder from the early air-cooled 911 models.” If you know anything about Porsches.. then you know this is cool. Spendy but cool.

via b/perrino Quilts

This quilt is so gorgeous, I can’t stop drooling. It’s a baby quilt from b/perrino quilts on Etsy. I found it via the lovely blog Saídos da Concha. The colors and the design..everything is perfect.

Happy weekend!

friday favorites 6.24.11

Friday. I should be excited..but my according to my phone it’s 104° out. And climbing. Yuck. I’ll be staying inside. So I’ll be ogling at this stuff while the sun’s blazing..


via Suzyjack*

I’m loving the Ikat look more and more. I love the color and design of these desk items from Suzyjack*…. 

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i love lamp

via Colour Me Happy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about lighting. Basically because my home doesn’t have enough. Maria Killam, over at Colour Me Happy, says that to have good atmosphere in a room you need to have light coming from the four corners of a room. As I look around my living room, with no overhead lighting, I see that I have two table lamps. I definitely need two more sources of light, and probably not another table lamp. So as I browsed the internet for lighting idea, I collected images of gorgeous lamps. Here are some of the amazing ones that I found…and not just for the living room…. 

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wallpaper lust

I was searching ebay for a roll of grasscloth wallpaper last night and came across what could be the most amazing wallpaper I may have ever seen. Flocked chinoiserie on grasscloth. Vintage. I haven’t been able to verify, but the listing states is was made by a company called Fashon, from the 1960s.

It’s not cheap though, about $230 dollars, plus it’s in Australia, and the shipping would be about $150 for three rolls.

Those are some heavy wallpaper rolls.

Apparently grasscloth wallpaper is difficult to hang, and for it to be done right, you need a professional to do it. Plus it probably isn’t the best idea with kids around, it’s difficult to clean, and not hard-wearing, particularly if it’s vintage. I guess I’ll have to do without, but I can always dream of how awesome this would look on a wall of my bedroom or dining room. The red flowers will definitely inspire some future projects.


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